What terrible reviews the new Vigli's have been getting this last year

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What terrible reviews the new Vigli's have been getting this last year

DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
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Getting interested in returning to Thassos and have been reading the restaurant reviews. From the reviews of regulars that have been going there for years Vigli's which was one of our favourite restaurants appears to have gone down hill.

What a pity, a place with lovely views has got reviews as bad as this. Have others found it this way on their visit this last year?


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    juliebjulieb Member (+) Posts: 26
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    You’re right Delboy, it’s no longer the same since it’s changed ownership.
    We have been many times over the years, either just for drinks or a nice meal. We knew before we went last July that it was no longer the same people there but decided to go and have a drink one day after we came off the beach. It was all a bit strange. We sat down in the lower part and a man came and took our order straight away. We had literally taken one sip of our drinks, when the same man sent a very young boy over who asked us to pay our bill! This made us feel quite uncomfortable so we just drank up and left. Shame really as we probably would have had another.
    A young couple who were staying at our apartments also said they’d had a terrible meal. Very expensive and the steak was inedible. They said the people serving them were also really rude to them.
    The daughter of the people who had the Vigli now has the hotel Dionysos which is a lovely hotel up the road opposite the top entrance/exit to Vigli. We ate there one night and it was lovely. Not the same menu as Vigli had but very nice. Fantastic views and very friendly staff
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    DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    Hi Julie,
    Yes similar comments by others are mentioned, rude and unfriendly, giving people warm beers and the four people that did not want a starter or dessert were asked to just try a bit of our fish and try a bit of our dessert as if it was given free, only to be presented with a bill three times the size. The credit card was not accepted and one guy had to walk to the Atm to get more cash.

    I don't think will will be going there any more. We may try the Dionysos if the walk is not too up hill.
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