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New Webcam

It is great to have the webcam up and running again. The technical advances are excellent.
However, since our first annual visit to Golden Beach 9 years ago we have believed that the great beauty of the place are its longer views, the mountains, long stretches of beach etc. I have so far spend three periods of about 30 minutes watching the webcam and have not seen the mountains. I find close-ups of groups of sun loungers boring, to me they all look the same. In the past I have visited the site every day to remind me of the great place and times spent there - no more.
To finish on a positive note, the return of the stationary period focused on the jetty is brilliant. We stood there 9 years ago and waved to our families.


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
    Hi Keith :)

    Thank you so much for your feedback, we value it very much!

    We are glad that you like the new webcam, and please know we're taking your feedback under serious consideration.

    I agree that the far-away views of the mountains and the long stretch of beach is one of Golden Beach's greatest beauties, and you're observation is correct because we have indeed replaced time slots of those far-away views with more close-up views of beach activities.

    Our intention is to provide a jaw-dropping viewing experience so that people, like yourself, enjoy coming back more often. Not the opposite (as it seems in your case). I hope you stick around and help us make it better by giving your continuous feedback. :smiley:
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