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Ferries from Keramoti to thassos

Do ferries work from Keramoti to Thassos? I have reservation on 06.09.2018


  • FranzFranz Member (+) Posts: 21
    Sandriana visit this website and you can see if the ferries works

  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 729
    Hi Sandriana :)

    On 6 September the ferries will work normally.

    I'm also pleased to say that the ferries in Thassos worked normally yesterday, 3 September, when there was a national seamen's strike. We had regular ferry schedules all day yesterday because the local seamen working on the ferries decided not participate in the strike. :)
  • SandrianaSandriana Member Posts: 2
    Thank you :):):):):):)o:)<3
  • martin1959martin1959 Member Posts: 1
    Whe need the ferry 5/9. So there is no strike?
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 729
    There will be no strike on 5/9, Martin. :)
  • MaikeMaike Member Posts: 1
    Do the ferries will work normally on 27.09.18? Yesterday I heard, the ferries will not work cause the weather.
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 729
    Hi Maike :)

    Please call the port authority and ask them directly. They observe the weather situation minute-by-minute and are the ones who will decide if the ferries will stop running.

    Thassos Port Authority: +30 25930 22355

    The ferries are working right now. Our office is near the ferry port and I saw ferries crossing the sea when I came to work this morning.
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