Bad review- Posidonia Apartments Thassos July 2018

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Bad review- Posidonia Apartments Thassos July 2018

RamonaRusuRamonaRusu Member Posts: 1
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Hello, I would just like to leave a review after staying 7 night in Posidonia apartments. As they don’t show on websites like booking.

I would not recommend anyoane to stay there, we were offered by owner the top floor in January for 50 euro per night. From the picture you can see it is not modern but I never expected to have bugs.. cockrodge crowling on the walls and floor.

They left a bucked for us to make daily clean.. and when I told owner about the bug I found on my pillow she said they go on floor no up...

I stayed in other places for 2 nights like Castle Pontle and they cleaned the room after the first night and arranged everything, in another place just in fron of us Rainbow Apart they had a lady cleaning up each day.

Imagine going in vacation and first thing you see when open eyes is bugs cockroches... they washed the floor 2 in our 7 night, once after asking 2 times when this will be done.

Pictures speak for themseves... I am not sure if they are cheched by any autorithy but you Can’t rent room if you don’t have at least minimal conditions.
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