Assumption Day 15th August in Panagia

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Assumption Day 15th August in Panagia

Hi, we're hoping to go up to Panagia next Wednesday to see the celebrations. I can't find any information on what time the celebrations start, when the parade goes through etc. Please can you tell me what time we should aim to be there and any top tips on where to position ourselves for a good view?


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    Hi Clarabelle, I love your name! :)

    The main festivities take place on the eve of Assumption Day, so go on the 14th of August (next Tuesday) to enjoy the big annual event in Panagia. There is a ceremonial procession that goes through the village and it begins at the church at around 8:30-9:00 PM (there's no set time, but it's usually within this time window). It's not a parade so don't worry about positioning yourself anywhere specific. Just stay around the church and you should be able to see everything.

    There is also an open-air bazaar (only for this one night) along the main walkway of the village. In addition to that, there are food kiosks where you can buy traditional snacks and sweets. Panagia also has some good tavernas if you want to have a meal while you're there. They get very busy with so many people visiting on this night, so getting a table could be quite a challenge depending on what time you go.

    I recommend going early in the evening in order to get a parking spot near the village, especially if you have mobility issues and can't walk long distances. Panagia is a small mountain village and does not have adequate space for everybody's car so parking along the main road outside the village is the only option for most visitors. If you arrive late, you may need to park up to 1 Km away from the village and walk the rest of the way. I always aim to be there before 6PM. ;)
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    Clarabelle999Clarabelle999 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Augie, that's EXACTLY the information I needed! Much appreciated x
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