Scandal in Thassos at Aegean Restaurant

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Scandal in Thassos at Aegean Restaurant

EliEli Member Posts: 1
They attacked us, unbelievable people...
On 28.07.2018 we as 10 people, including 2 kids went to Aegean Restaurant at Thassos Pefkari at 22:30 to have late dinner. We ordered our drink and starters. First ouzo came, we also wanted to have the starters, the waiter said first he has to collect menus. We said we would like to check menu for the main course, he said no. We were dissappointed with the bad service and manner, we wanted bill and said we wanted to go. The bill came with 4 ouzo and the starters. But the starters never came, we said we were going to pay for the ouzo only, please exclude the starters. He went to his manager to ask. Then a woman came with an angry manner, body language shouting at us, yelling at us we have to pay for what they have not served. The woman was unbelievable aggressive, arrogant and cruel. Then we decided to pay and check out. Suddenly a young guy appeared at the entrance of the restaurant and started to punch on the face. And a big chaos and fight started. We as educated and talented and kind and smart people were shocked.
We had a lot of bruise on the face, their waiters were trying to calm them. We tried to call police, nobody around helped, we went to a hotel to call police. Police came, he told us about procedure, it was 11:05. We only asked for a simple excuse and paid the bill, they took the money over all of what happened. They punched in our friend’s face. We left the restaurant with a black eye and dissappointment. Our expectations were not like this from a Greek restaurant, from a holiday. Be away of this restaurant, even that street. They just know to beat people, they should be out of service bussiness immediately.


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    DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    Hi Eli,

    I am sorry for your incident that happened to you on Thassos and many people on here have taken an interest to look at your post. However, I am curious as perhaps others are, as to how it happened and I did not quite get the gist of the story. You are saying you were a party of ten including two children which would require a large table. I noticed you only had four drinks between you, did the rest of the party not have lemonade or something to drink.
    Also what were the starters you ordered did they need to be cooked and how many. I am just wondering why they did not wish you to have main meals as it would seem they are open for entertainment till midnight.
    There is not much on tripadvisor about them at all

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