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Golden beach taxi boat

gem131gem131 Member Posts: 3
Hi, does anyone know if there is a taxi boat that goes from Golden beach to Thassos town, late afternoon/ evening?
I have read that there possibly is, but it may be a bit hit and miss?


  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Hi Gem131,

    I could never establish whether the service was available even from the locals. Reading between the lines on other forums it is all dependable on a number of people wanting to go from Thassos Town to Golden Beach which I understand would then go back around 4:30 / 5pm.
    As it was suppose to leave Golden Beach harbour end it was never worthwhile to us making the trip down there to be disappointed.

    Augie may know more
  • gem131gem131 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Delboy
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
    Hi Gem131 :)

    There used to be a few years ago, but not anymore. Now there's no water taxi between Limenas and Golden Beach.

    There is still a water taxi from Limenas to Makryammos Beach and Marble Beach, and back.
  • gem131gem131 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Augie :)
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