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Building Bungalows ? Satellit channels ?

David87David87 Member Posts: 2

we are new to this forum and we are from Germany. My father has a large plot of land near the sea here on Thassos and we are currently considering building some Bungalows on this property.
First, I wanted to ask here if someone knows a good construction company to realize this project and if maybe someone could say something to me about the costs.

My second question is which satelite channels are usually offered in the hotels and apartments here on Thassos ? My father already offers two rooms for rent, so we are currently considering what TV we offer.

Thank you very much for helping.


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi David!

    1 local construction company with an excellent reputation for quality and design is Molos Homes. I've seen many of their projects over the years. Here's their website:

    I don't know about costs, but if you contact Nikos (the owner of Molos Homes) I am sure he could help.

    Secondly, satellite channels vary across properties but I think the standard is a list of channels including News channels like Euronews, Entertainment channels like National Geographic, and cartoon channels like Cartoon Network, etc.

    Nowadays, people care more about internet for entertainment, communication, and work. Be sure to get the fastest possible internet connection for your guests. The island's infrastructure is being upgraded right now and soon we will have higher speeds available. Upgrade your internet as soon as you can, if you can, depending on your property's location.

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    Leanne1976Leanne1976 Member Posts: 144
    As a traveler (especially with teenagers) I would agree about the internet, it’s far more important than the tv.. we didn’t use ours once
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