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Can someone advise if the bus is really operating according to the schedule? We have been waiting today for the bus at Skala Rahoni - it was supposed to arrive at 11:25 according to the Sunday schedule, but never came. (we waited from 11:05 till 11:50).

We really want to use the bus to go and visit Thassos town and other places (like the market in Prinos and also other villages) and we are very disappointed that we cannot do that...I also read about the bus which goes around the Island - but now I am not sure what to do.. taxis are quite expensive here.

Any advise will help - we have another week here and we are without a car.

Many thanks,


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
    edited September 2017
    Dear Irit,

    So sorry to hear about the negative experience you had while waiting for the bus!

    The best word of advice I can offer you is this: when you need to take a bus, simply phone the bus station in advance to confirm the times. Their phone number is written on the bus schedule posted on this website.

    Here's a brief explanation of why I offered the advice I did:

    During the summer, the bus schedule is consistent because the ferry schedule is also consistent. However, as we approach autumn, the ferry schedule begins to change regularly (perhaps every 1 or 2 weeks), and subsequently the bus schedule follows these changes.

    Changes to the ferry schedule are decided in Athens and are then dictated to the ferry companies. Then the bus schedule is changed accordingly in order to adapt.

    Unfortunately, sometimes the ferry schedules change last minute and so the bus schedule also does. That is why I recommend calling the bus station in advance to confirm the time... just in case! :)
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    iritirit Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response - today we managed to use the bus and we had a nice day visiting Prinos and Theologos. (although we had to wait quite a lot because it did not match the time table...). We will take your advice and try to call them to confirm the schedule.

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