Prices on Thassos this summer

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Prices on Thassos this summer

PaulHPaulH Member (+) Posts: 7
Hi, we're really looking forward to our Thassos holiday again. I wondered if anyone had noticed if prices were significantly changed from last year? I was surprised that our room was 10 Euros a night more expensive this year :(

thanks! Paul
Janus Kjempff


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 811
    Hi PaulH,

    Demand is 9% higher this year than last year but Thassos is still a relatively inexpensive island compared to other Greek islands, who are also experiencing higher demand this summer season.

    Did you book direct?
  • PaulHPaulH Member (+) Posts: 7
    Hi, Yes we did book direct. That's great for Thassos and Greece that demand is growing. I just hope the Mythos is the same price :)
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 811
    Haha no worries, Paul... your beloved Mythos is still the same price as last year (as far as I know!) :)

    It's great you booked direct because you certainly got the best price.

    Don't forget that prices are lower in June and September so if you want to have the same room and service at a lower price, come during these months next year. ;)
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