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Legit site?

poshticaposhtica Member Posts: 1
We are planning to come to Thassos with a baby so I am just wondering if this site is legit?
Is this kind of like Airbnb or home away from home?
The reason why I am asking is because I can't find the apartment that we are looking at anywhere else but here. So no reviews anywhere. Kind of scary...Please let me know if someone ever rented through this site. I really don't want to come here in peak of the season just to find out we are cheated on.
Thank you!


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi Poshtica!

    Yes, GoThassos is a legit site and every property listed on it is verified by us. We're a Thassos tourism promotions company with a registered office in the island's capital, Limenas. We know every host and owner of every property listed here, most on a personal level.

    I do understand your concern because I've helped many lovely people who came to Thassos after making a reservation through an illegit site, who had the misfortune of coming to the island only to find out that their reservation was not genuine. You don't have to worry about that when you book on GoThassos.

    As far as the apartment you are interested in, it could either be new or it could simply not have a listing on any of the big websites with reviews like TripAdvisor. Statistically, most people don't write reviews so if you stay there and write one for them, it would be a big help for the host.

    Please feel free to private message me if you have any questions about the property you're eyeing. I'll be happy to assist in re-assuring you if you're loving the property but having doubts.

    Otherwise, I wish you a wonderful holiday on Thassos! :smiley:

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