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Hi all,

We are having our first holiday abroad in 16 yrs next month. We have only booked a week (long story need to see how my son copes abroad)
To say I'm excited doesn't cover it. We are staying at skala rachoni and would love some insider tips on places to visit and things to do.
Also are the buses easy to use and regular?


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 833
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    Hi Leanne!

    You chose one of the best islands to spend your holidays after 16 years of not traveling abroad! :smiley:

    The buses are as easy as you'd probably expect. They can get pretty full during certain hours of the day, so here's an insider tip for you:

    The best time to take the bus is early in the morning (while everyone is still waking up and eating breakfast) and early in the afternoon (when everyone is still at the beach). Late morning and late evening both tend to get busy and crowded because most people are taking it easy during their holiday and going places later than usual. So if you want the best bus-riding experience, go early!

    Skala Rachoni has several bus stops along the main road, which is actually the island's ring road (which entirely circles Thassos).

    I highly recommend hiring a car for a day or 2 in order to have the time and freedom to explore. Getting around and finding your way back to Skala Rachoni is very easy and stress-free... just follow the ring road (in either direction!)

    The long beaches of Skala Rachoni are amazing. I personally love going to a spot called Blue Lake. It's a got a swimming pool and bar right next to a sandy beach with very shallow water. They barbecue souvlaki throughout the day and serve individually or in platters, with Greek salad, tzatziki, chips, etc. Simple but delicious, and goes down well with a beer served in an iced mug! Say hi to Fotis for me (he's the owner, usually behind the bar)!

    Another top spot for me is Glyfoneri Beach. It's absolutely paradise there, but very small with limited space... so get there early!! It has a really good (among the best of Thassos) taverna that specializes in sea food but does meats and other stuff as well. Ask Kyriakos to try his very own tsipouro (locally made ouzo), it's one of the best... believe me, I've tried a lot and developed a taste for this drink-with-a-kick! Sip it slowly and eat salty delights with it, called a "Meze". Be sure to try the smoked mackerel too. It's super delish!!!!

    Have a wonderful time! Please come back here and share your tips after your holiday so we can all imagine it while being jealous of you. :wink:
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    Leanne BrooksLeanne Brooks Member Posts: 3
    Wow thank you so much! We've been debating about hiring a car. The barbecue at blue lake is now definitely at the top of our list !! I can't wait to come back and share!
    I'm already looking for next year!
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