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Discovering Thassos

My boyfriend and I would like to visit this legendary island to discover the beauty and the lifestyle in order to decide as one of the places we would like to retire. We eventually could decide to rent for a year. Any suggections or advice?


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819

    1) Go house hunting after the summer season... preferably in October or November. Generally there are more vacancies and choices.

    2) Find the places where locals congregate and mingle. This is a good way to make friends and become a part of the community and that's how you'll be in-the-know. You'll learn everything you need, like:

    Why is the water cut off today and what time will it be back on?
    Who's a good electrician I can call for help?
    Where can I find a decent selection of spices for my favorite recipe?

    Everything is done via word of mouth here so by engaging with fellow Thassians and expats you will be empowered. Sorry Google, you don't know everything!

    3) Learn to be patient and always expect delays. This is the biggest adjustment people must make, especially when coming from a world of instant-everything!

    If you'd like advice on more specific issues, please follow up :)
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    Lill KnudsenLill Knudsen Member Posts: 3
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    Best regards
    Lill Knudssen
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