Which ferry should we take to Thassos?

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Which ferry should we take to Thassos?

Hi, we are flying into Kavala and staying in Potos for 10 days. We don't plan to hire a car - I have looked into the 2 different ferries and taking taxis from each but can't decide which is the best optioin - longer ferry or longer taxi rides. Anyone got any experience to give us some advice? Most people seem to take the ferry to Thassos town but I don't think this makes sense for us? Many thanks, Emma


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
    Hi Emma,

    Take a taxi to Keramoti then a ferry to Limenas (Thassos Town). It's the fastest and cheapest way from Kavala airport. Then take a bus or taxi from Limenas to Potos. The bus station and taxi stop are located across the street from the ferry port. This makes the most sense. ;)

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    EmmaBarnettEmmaBarnett Member (+) Posts: 5
    Many thanks.
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