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DianeMitchellDianeMitchell Member (+) Posts: 1
can anyone let me know if there are any cash machine is skala Panagia? Many thanks


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
    Hi Diane!

    I believe there is an ATM by the Campground.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    edited June 2016
    yes there is one but beware it may charge for withdrawals as it is a Euronet (but not sure). However, there is an Atm on the main road to Skala Potamia which didn't have charges when I last used it (about 30 min walk). There is also another Euronet on the promenade at Skala Potamia and again may charge but not use it to confirm
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    This is the one on the main road and is the Greek Alpha bank and you will find it a bit further up the road from the Korina Hotel

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