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Need Apartment for 1 month

Janus KjempffJanus Kjempff Member (+) Posts: 2
Me and a co worker are going for a combined work & holiday trip.
We need something affordable but will commit for a full month from 17/06 to 17/07 (we can move a day or so, since we come by car).
We are looking for something like this:
- Max 2km walking distance from the sea and tavernas
- Separate rooms to sleep in (must have)
- Internet and a table (must have)
- Budget max 600 euro for the apartment for one month

Otherwise, we are quiet and nice people from Denmark (male 43, male 33).
We will take a booking decision within a few days (this weekend), so please get in touch asap.
Drop me a mail on kjempff @ with details and phone number or Skype ID and I will get back to you quickly.

Janus Kjempff - Aarhus, Denmark


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    Janus KjempffJanus Kjempff Member (+) Posts: 2
    After checking prices on Thassos, I can sense 600 euro is in the low end, so lets up it to max 750 euro. We are open to alternative solutions as well.
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