Mysterious missing features on the Thassos Town webcam.

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Mysterious missing features on the Thassos Town webcam.

SueandMacSueandMac Member (+) Posts: 96
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What has happened to the the wooden structure along the new winding path in front of the ferry port in Limenas?. Has it been blown away in a really bad storm?


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 812
    Hi Sue,

    Last week I walked past two gentlemen who were in the process of dismantling the wooden structure. I approached them and I asked why they were dismantling it. They replied that the beams were loose so they were taking it apart in order to rebuild it firmer and stronger than before.

    We shall see! :)
  • SueandMacSueandMac Member (+) Posts: 96
    We thought it was a lovely idea, especially if climbing, flowering plants were also planned at a later date (perhaps they wouldn't survive the winter?).
    When we cam over ealrier this year, were surprised to discover that only a short length of the path had a pergola-- it would look good along the whole length.
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