Car hire in Skala Prinou.

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Car hire in Skala Prinou.

terryessterryess Member (+) Posts: 7
Returning to Thassos in July this year but trying this side of the island. Our two previous visits involved staying in Skala Potamia and we'd like to revisit for the day to see how things have changed (it was 2005!)
Can anyone suggest a decent car hire shop in Skala Prinou for two people?


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    AliceAlice Member (+) Posts: 4
    I am going in August and would like some info too. I have a quote of 43 euros a day.
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
    Hi Terryess and Alice,

    Car hire prices vary throughout the season, as do the prices of accommodation.

    Prices typically go up during the high season (July and August) and go down during the low season (May, June, and September).

    Contact these car hire companies on Thassos and ask them for a quote for your holiday.
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