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David WatsonDavid Watson Member (+) Posts: 1
Καλύτερα. My wife and I are thossos bound in June for the forth time but my wife has mobility problems. She can walk short distances but rough or steep terrain are out. Can anyone suggest any beaches or other places or that we can park the car at or very near to, or the is wheelchair acessable. Many thanks


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    Hi David,

    Thassos is one of the most friendly islands for people with limited mobility because the island's asphalt ring road hugs the coastline, providing quick and easy access to so many beautiful beaches.

    Most beaches have parking right beside them and the ground is relatively flat which makes walking from the car to the beach relatively easy. There aren't any beaches I can think of with special wheelchair accessibility but if your wife can walk short distances than she will be able to enjoy the majority of beaches on Thassos. Just to name a few:

    Golden Beach
    Paradise Beach
    Nisteri Beach
    Glyfoneri Beach
    Trypiti Beach
    Pachis Beach

    There are many more that aren't on the list but are just as easily accessible.

    Hope this helps. :)
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