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Waterfalls near Kastro

GangoGango Member (+) Posts: 38
I think this topic has been touched on before but I'm still none the wiser! We've been to Kastro quite a few times but never found the waterfalls. After visiting Thassos 15 times we always make it our "mission" to find something we've never seen before, so this year I'd like to find them. Can anyone give directions to find the waterfalls near Kastro please? (we always hire a 4x4). We will be visiting in August so probably too hot to hike very far


  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Hi Gango
    not much help but if you can follow this route using my photographs. we visited the waterfalls on the trip just might give you an idea where it fitted in between two points, I guess it's also the same one that goes into the lake near the end of the trip

  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    If I remember correctly, I think we left Kastro stopped some minutes later and the cars were parked at the top of the road where a pathway went down on the right handside there was not attempt to take cars down the pathway.
    The walk felt like it was about 600m down the pathway and a very hot walk back up to the cars
    from memory of this photograph the cars were way up the top of that road going up but nothing has a sign on the photographs I have to help
  • GangoGango Member (+) Posts: 38
    Thank you Delboy. Your photos are beautiful but they've made me feel "homesick" for Thassos. We will have a little adventure even if we don't find the waterfall. Roll on Summer!
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Hi Gango,

    The Maries waterfall which is the waterfall next to the lake, comes up on google maps. If you put Thassos Kastro waterfall in the search box, then use the satellite mode, you can see the lake and the waterfall is marked. Unfortunately the higher waterfall just doesn't show up but might be worth asking in the taverna in Kastro for directions
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
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    Good advice and photos, Delboy!

    Just to add my 2 cents for Gango:

    Ask a local to show you the way once you're at Kastro. It's a very short distance from the village and would be a real shame to not see it if you go as far as Kastro!

    You'll need a jeep to drive down the path. I wouldn't venture down in a road car. I've done the trip with a jeep (3 times) and had no problem at all. You could also walk from Kastro to the waterfall but in July/August it's more challenging because of the heat. Depending on your age and health, decide for yourself if walking is a good option (carry enough of water if you do). The same walk in other times of the year, like May or June, is absolutely glorious. The temperatures are milder and there is more water to see coming down the waterfall than during the hotter, drier months.

    A gem worth discovering!

    PS. My favorite thing to do when in Kastro is going to one of the two cafe/restaurants and enjoying a very generous serving of creamy local yogurt topped with honey and walnuts - YUM!
  • GangoGango Member (+) Posts: 38
    Thanks for all your help both!
  • FranzFranz Member (+) Posts: 22
    Here is a screenshot with the position of the waterfall
  • FranzFranz Member (+) Posts: 22
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