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My boyfriend and I who are both 19 are looking to book a summer holiday we both finish uni around June 21st. We love all inclusive holidays as we don't have to worry about having extra money on us for drinks etc however when I've researched all inclusives they pretty much don't exist in Thassos.
We both enjoy a little bit of nightlife but also the rustic, traditional feel, my heart is set on Thassos but it's taking me a while to convince my boyfriend as we don't have lots of money our budget for the holiday is £800 each including travel etc. I have found a hotel for £399 full board for a week. How much are alcoholic drinks in the towns? And taxis too. We both drive so are considering hiring a car to explore some more ourselves. We would love to spend two weeks here exploring but are both worried about the cost. I would love if someone could advise me!


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    VintageVivVintageViv Member (+) Posts: 50
    Whether you choose self catering, bed & breakfast, half board, full board or all inclusive you will have a great holiday on Thassos.

    If you have been studying hard at uni then you will find the white sandy beaches, friendly locals and stunning scenery perfect for a well earned relaxing holiday.

    Personally we enjoy self-catering or B&B as we can hop on the bus or hire a car and go exploring all day, stopping off in the mountain villages, especially Panagia, and we do not have to worry about returning for set meal times. Don't expect much nightlife, Thassos is all about relaxing, exploring, eating in the local tavernas in the evenings and meeting like-minded people. Days are spent relaxing by the pool, swimming in the crystal clear waters, visiting stunning sights around the island, such as the Archangelos Monastery or the archaeological sights around Alyki.

    If you are into walking you are spoilt for choice - Ipsarion, the highest mountain on the island is a great trek - but bring your walking boots for this one!

    Don't worry about spending money, you can buy a Greek Salad and a beer for lunch and eat out very cheaply in the evenings in the local tavernas.

    Just get yourself out there - you won't regret it!

    We said we would never return to the same Greek island twice - we have now been to Thassos ten times!

    Think you would both like Golden Beach or Skala Potamias for accommodation.
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    geeruddgeerudd Member (+) Posts: 4
    Thank you so much for replying we were persuaded in the end and have booked 11 nights to potos - we were told this is slightly more lively.
    I was wondering if you know how much on average car hire is? And if you've ever visited any places in or around potos that you would recommend.
    Thank you
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi geerudd,

    Potos is a beautiful, vibrant place... you won't be disappointed!

    Car rental prices vary according to time of the season (they are typically more expense in July and August when demand is highest) as well as car size and class. Contact some of the local car rental agencies and ask for a quote.

    You can also consider renting a moped if there are just 2 of you. It will come out cheaper and give you greater mobility in some cases, meaning you'll be able to reach some beaches easier that a car struggles with.

    Follow this link for car and moped rentals:

    There are loads of places near Potos you should check out.

    Trypiti Beach and Psili Ammos Beach are beautiful beaches just a short drive away.

    Skala Maries is a lovely fishing village, extraordinarily beautiful and offers a traditional experience with fish tavernas and cafes lining the beach front.

    Atspas Beach is small but one-of-a-kind.

    Metalia is very unique and deserves a half a day for exploring and swimming!

    Drive up the mountain to Kastro, Theologos and Maries and experience the inner beauties of the island and enjoy delicious goat, lamb, and other grilled meats.

    Not to mention, be sure to take a drive around the whole island! There is one road that goes all the way around, called the "ring road". Spend a day exploring and stopping where ever you feel the desire (you'll be making a lot of stops so be prepared!). :)

    Have fun!!!

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    Geoff GoodwinGeoff Goodwin Member (+) Posts: 3
    edited March 2016
    Pre-booking car hire is the cheapest way to go.
    Based in Liminaria we have booked our car with speedy rent a car.
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    geeruddgeerudd Member (+) Posts: 4
    Hi we have just booked our car rental! its $120 for 4 day we thought this was pretty good since we are both only 19 and its full cover on the car too. I cannot wait to get to Thassos I really want to visit marble beach it looks beautiful. One question regarding parking is there places at the beaches where you can park?

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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi Georgia,

    That's a really good deal, well done!

    Yes, there are places to park at most beaches on Thassos.

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    DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    I think you can see the parking at Marble Beach on Day 8 of my 2014 trip report in the reviews section
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