Are the hosts being checked?

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Are the hosts being checked?

AlexandraAlexandra Member (+) Posts: 1

I have looked over several offers from different villas, but not all of them have websites as well. Do the administrators of this site check if the owners are really who they say they are? I mean, it is very easy to post a few stolen pictures of a villa and a couple of rooms and pretend you are the owner...

Thank you!


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    edited February 2016
    Hi Alexandra,

    Thank you for asking this question - it's an important issue!

    The answer is yes! Every host is confirmed and validated before we list them on Go-Thassos. We only create the listing after we receive the GNTO License number of the accommodation (when applicable) and the VAT number and information of the business and owner.

    We also know the majority of the hosts personally (Thassos is a small community)! :)

    I guarantee you that 100% of the hotels, guests houses, villas and other businesses on Go-Thassos are real and any communication you do through Go-Thassos goes directly to the true owner or representative of the property.

    Thanks again for asking and please let me know if you have any more questions.
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