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Sentido Imperial Thassos Resort

LeisureladLeisurelad Member (+) Posts: 1
Hi Guys,
I am new here but looking at my first visit to Thassos this year so really appreciate any advice you can give.
Anybody got any news on the newly built Sentido Imperial Thassos Resort on Pachis Beach which is meant to open in May 2016.
Trying to find out how much of the hotel has been built and if it is likely to be ready in time, thinking of traveling in June 2016.
Also debating whether to go for this or the Princess Golden Beach as not sure what is nearby the Sentido hotel although i believe a walk into the next resort is not far.

Main issue is that we have always been all inclusive and the Sentido is only half board but i am liking the sound of the Sentido more than the Princess Golden Beach for some reason.

Also, for 2 guys mid 30's, will i be bored lol, as long as there are a few tourist tat shops, restaurants nearby and something to look at in the evenings then no problem, not into clubs or anything.

Any help much appreciated :-)




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    smg70smg70 Member (+) Posts: 2
    Hi Mark considered this hotel myself but had the same issue with it being finished on time etc. Opted instead for the Four Seasons hotel on a half board basis. Chose this also as it is in a nice location and not far from the main town of Limenas. Looked at Golden Beach but believe it can get very crowded in summer hope you find something suita

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    SashafromRussiaSashafromRussia Member (+) Posts: 1
    Hi, Mark!
    You will have fun in the area of Potos - there are great beach bars and lots of fun. I celebrated a birthday there in June. So don't worry about the food, as in Greece, lovely kitchen , and on the island of Thassos and at reasonable prices. Prepare there tasty and fun to eat in different tavernas.
    I hope my advice will help you.
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