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Flights to Thassos in May 2016

What's happening - no flights until Sunday 22nd May 2016 with Thomsons? All the planes from every UK airport used to be full from the first Sunday in May - it's going to be a short season if last flight home is on Sunday 25th September!


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    BarryBarry Member (+) Posts: 2
    Thomas Cook have flights from London Airports Friday 6th May
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    rajraj Member (+) Posts: 1
    We are flying with Thomsons from Gatwick on May 8th and they start flying to Kavala on the 1st May 2016. We agree that the last flights home are to early we have to come back in September on the 18th as they close the accommodation we use on the 21st.
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    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor Member (+) Posts: 1
    I am flying to Thassos from Manchester in June with Thomas Cook. Flight price is £300 for which I get bulkhead window seat, 20Kg luggage and a meal. Thomson charge 2 days later £594 for flight with no seat choice and £48 for luggage. Prices are for two weeks.
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    allyp70allyp70 Member (+) Posts: 2
    Iam flying with Thompson's on the 1st may from Manchester.
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    VintageVivVintageViv Member (+) Posts: 50
    Still can't travel with Thomsons from Birmingham to Kavala on 1st, 8th or 15th May - very unusual - any reasons why?
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 833
    Not sure why, VivnChris... perhaps someone at Thomsons can tell you if there's a reason.

    Can you please share with us if you do find out?
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    norwicinorwici Member (+) Posts: 1

    Those prices seem very high. We paid £764 for two adults and three children in mid July with two 20kg bags and meals for the children on outbound and return flights. That was with Thomas Cook. Booked in February.
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