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Weather in september

lidialidia Member (+) Posts: 2
Hi, I want to go to Thassos last week of september. I know it won't be so hot (24-27 Celsius degrees), but does anyone knows how the water is? Can we swimm?


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 811
    Hi lidia,

    I've seen people swim in October and even November. :)

    The water is still warm during the Autumn. The weather is unpredictable but you have a good chance of having beautiful sunny days.

    It's especially nice to come at the end of September if you don't like the crowds. The beaches have fewer people and offer a feeling of exclusivity.

    Some businesses close up at the end of September so expect to find less choices. However, the price for accommodation is unbelievably low this time of year so you can enjoy the island at half the price!
  • lidialidia Member (+) Posts: 2
    Super! Thanks Augie!
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