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Lina Apartments in Thassos at Golden beach

I would like to share my opinion about our stay in Thassos this August at Lina apartments at Golden Beach. I was looking very carefully for something suitable for 2 couples (one couple with a 6 month old baby) with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and close to the beach and with Wi-fi. I found Lina apartments and maisonette 3where there is written in description 2 bathrooms. I am not listing now the basic things like aeroconditioning, parking, wifi etc. I booked it. There was a living room with kitchen fully equipped (no comments here) and toilet on the ground floor and on the top floor - 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. The foirst thing i was angry with was that there were 1 toilet and 1 bathroom although the description says 2 BATHROOMS. Also we saw that there is there are NO conditioners in the bedrooms and the rooms are tiny! I think they were like 15 square meters. SO SMALL! But the conditioner was in the corridor. Who needs a conditioner in the corridor??? For sure there was one room there which they split for 2 rooms and they didn't want to invest in conditioning. On the first night the conditioner started to leak. Water was all on the floor so we had to sleep without it this night and It was a disaster because when we opened the balcony there was some musical concert in the restaurant nearby so we could not sleep till the late hours. I was with a small baby of 6 month!!! Also Wi-fi almost didnt work. When we used washing mashine it was leaking as well on the floor. The shower support broken and when they fixed it it was still not possible to use it.

I was in Thassos before and everything was perfect. But this time .... I wanted to have a serious discussion with the owner but she hardly spoke english so this was out of question. I decided to relax and not to spoil my vacations. Maybe there are other rooms which have conditioning and nothing is broken. We didnt have that luck. I thing the information on this site about this maissonette 3 should be corrected in order to avoid unpeasant surprises for the customers. I think if there is written 2 bathrooms there should be 2 bath rooms not 1 toilet and 1 bathroom. Also any person going to country with hot climate expects to have aero-conditioning in the room. Not outside the room.

To sum up:
- no aero-cond in the bedrooms
- 1 toilet and 1 bathroom
- terrible wi-fi
- tiny bedrooms
- close to the beach
- parking
- good kitchen


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    Hi Kattie,

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I hope you enjoyed your holiday and that you made many wonderful memories with your friends and family on Thassos.

    We'll check the information on our website and correct it if there is a mistake. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
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    KattieVKattieV Member (+) Posts: 2
    Hi Augie,

    Thank you for your answer. This would be great for the convenience of future travellers.

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