I need advice on Alexander studios in Skala Potamia

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I need advice on Alexander studios in Skala Potamia

mapetmapet Member (+) Posts: 2
Has anyone stayed at Alexander studios in Skala Potamia? The place looks great in the pictures but I cannot seem to find a review anywhere, from someone who has been there. I am also having difficulty communicating with them via e-mail. I ask a question about the property and they answer me with short generic sentences, not responding with the answer. Perhaps they just don't know English well but I just wanted some advice from someone that has been there.

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  • mapetmapet Member (+) Posts: 2
    Thank you Augie! That was really helpful! As I suspected our communication probably wasn't going that well because they didn't understand 100% of my e-mails.

    If anyone else can also contribute, I would be grateful.

  • terryessterryess Member (+) Posts: 7
    I stayed at a studios called SUZANNA's and the guy who ran it also had a tavern called Alexander which is on the beach. He was telling me (2005) that he was thinking of changing name to Alexander. If it is the same place, it was very good, clean and well managed. His English was perfect as was his bar staff.
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