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pedroandjenpedroandjen Member (+) Posts: 5

Can anybody tell me what Limenas is like late March early April?

What is the weather like, is the sea freezing, is there anything open - is there much accommodation available, etc etc etc

Look forward to your replies



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    juliebjulieb Member (+) Posts: 26
    Hi Peter
    We were lucky enough to spend a month in Thassos the other year from 13th April. We stayed in Panagia for 2 weeks and Golden Beach for 2 weeks. We had a car for the month so we went all over the island. It was very very quiet so obviously totally different to the tourist season but still very enjoyable. Limenas was the busiest place and some shops and bars still open there to cater for the locals. Some gift type shops were not open though until Easter which occurred the 2nd weekend we were there and quite a lot of people came over to the island for the Easter weekend. Places like Golden Beach were absolutely dead and nothing was open there. Skala Potamia had a couple of restaurants that were open all the time we were there ie Krambousa and Theagenis. Up in Panagia Elena's is also open all the time as again she caters for the locals.
    The weather was mixed. Some days were cool and we had rain but then we did also have days that were lovely and warm and we were able to go to various beaches which we had all to ourselves! Didn't brave going in the sea though! It was so lovely to look in either direction and not to see another person in sight.
    I'm sure you will not have a problem finding accommodation in Limenas.
    It's a very different experience to going during the summer season but we loved it and would definitely do it again if we could. Hope this is helpful to you.

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