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visiting the monastery

grandma56grandma56 Member (+) Posts: 48
Can anyone tell me what is the acceptable dress code for visiting the monastery as I would not want to offend.
I know shoulders need to be covered, Are long shorts that cover knees acceptable? Or do I need to have full length trousers or skirt?
Do you need to cover heads too"


  • Soula MakedouSoula Makedou Member (+) Posts: 2
    Hello Grandma,

    All people are allowed entrance as long as they wear clothes that do not expose legs or shoulders. Also, it is not necessary to cover your head.

    To visit the Monastery you could either wear a long dress or, if you wear a shirt and pants, the shirt sleeves must reach the elbows. Men must wear long trousers (not shorts that expose the knees).

    If you happen to be wearing clothes that aren't suitable, clothes will be provided to you at the entrance. This applies for both men and women.

  • grandma56grandma56 Member (+) Posts: 48
    Thank you Soula, that is really helpful.
    Soula Makedou
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