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ruzgarjrruzgarjr Member (+) Posts: 4
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Hello everyone,
I like to thank you all , You are very helpful.
My new question is about rental car or atv. There are websites but i couldnt find anything about prices. İ like to rent car or atv, which is cheep and useful. İ have a driver licence but its not international licence.
1) how are prices for rental car and atv
2) do i have to get international driver licence

Thanks a lot

Rest / cafe /taverna in limenaria ? Any advice?


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
    Hi Ruz!

    1) You probably can't find prices because they are different depending on the time of season and how many days you want to rent. A 1-day rental costs more than a 5-day rental, for example. I suggest you email the places you have found and tell them the dates and duration you would like to rent a car or ATV. They will give you an offer, which is always best when you book direct!

    2) Yes I believe you do need an international drivers license for a car. I don't think you need one for an ATV. It's best to ask the businesses that rent them, they will be able to tell you everything you'll need.

    3) There are sooo many great places to rest, drink and eat in Limenaria... Potos has an excellent selection of places too and it's really close by!
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