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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi Alice,

    You too have fallen for the irresistible charm of Thassos... welcome to the club! :)

    You don't need to book a car or quad in advance but personally I would do it. You will have more of a selection and also the possibility of a discount when booking in advance. I suggest taking a bit of time now to look and book so that when you're here you have more time to enjoy the island!

    We can help you get started:
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    TanjaTanja Member (+) Posts: 1
    Hi Augie

    We (me, my husband and our 9 year old daugther) are going to Thassos for our first time at 14. September. We are looking so much forward to this holiday - to the swimming at your beautiful beaches, to go see the stunning mountain willages and to the fabulos greek food. We are always looking for some good quality, fresh and very local food when we travel - but find it hard to get. We want real authentic greek food - no french fries and other turist food. We are having a great time investigation your very informative page (Thanks!) and think we have found out that we have to go to the mountain willages to get real greek food - can you recomment some very nice tavernas that you think will satisfy our needs?
    Guess the weather will still be great at this time and the water hot?

    Thanks/Tanja, Palle & Smilla from Denmark (we live at Bornholm - a beautiful Island in the East Sea at the same size as Thassos)
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    edited September 2015
    Hi Tanja,

    To be very honest it is difficult for me to recommend tavernas because there are so many good ones! Generally you will find that most on the island are small family businesses that offer authentic Greek food and a traditional dining experience. They use fresh, mostly local ingredients and only rarely you will find something frozen, which they clearly write on the menu.

    What I will recommend to you is to go to the mountain villages for amazing meat meals, especially lamb or goat on spit (very local and traditional) and of course the sea-side fish tavernas serve local and tasty seafood like fish, kalamari (squid), octopus, mussels, shrimp and more.

    What I also recommend you to try is eat like a greek! Instead of ordering individual meals for your family, share a meal the way Greeks do and order multiple dishes, salads and appetizers and put them in the center of the table, and dig in with your family and enjoy the many mouth-watering flavors!

    I also highly recommend the local drink called "tsipouro" (like ouzo, but better!) which can be found almost everywhere and goes very well with a "meze" (a plate of snacks, typically meat or fish). Also the local wine is superb and can be found in Kazaviti and Theologos among other places.

    I hope you find this information helpful and I wish you a wonderful time on our beautiful island!
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