How to get to Pefkari?

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How to get to Pefkari?

Please help. Our hotel "Beach Hotel Kapahi" is located in Pefkari. Is Pefkari a town inside of Thassos? How do we get there from Thessaloniki (SKG) Airport? Can you drive straight there or is a Ferry a must. Also looking for the cheapest/easiest route. Thank You


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    Hi Jasmine,

    Pefkari is a lovely sea-side destination on the southern coast of Thassos. Have a look here:

    To get to Pefkari from Thessaloniki, first you will need to travel to the city of Kavala. You can drive, take a bus or a taxi. The journey is about 2 hours.

    From Kavala you will need to take a ferry to Skala Prinos.

    See how to get to Thassos:

    The cheapest way from Thessaloniki to Pefkari is by bus. A bus leaves every hour from Thessaloniki bus station to Kavala bus station. (the express bus is 30 minutes faster and is the same price). One ticket costs 15 EUR.

    In order to take the bus you must first get to the bus station from the airport. You can take a taxi or the city bus from the airport to the bus station. The city bus ticket price is about 2 EUR per person. I don't know what the price for a taxi is now, I would guess around 15-20 EUR per taxi.

    Once you arrive in Kavala, you will need to go to the ferry port (10 minute walk from the bus station) and catch the next ferry to Skala Prinos, Thassos. Be sure to check the bus and ferry times in advance so you know what to expect.

    The easiest way from Thessaloniki is to hire a taxi to pick you up at the airport in Thessaloniki and drop you off right at the ferry port. You can email them for a quote to see what it will cost.

    Here's a link to a well-known taxi service for Thassos-bound travelers:

    When you arrive to Skala Prinos (Thassos) you can take a bus or taxi straight to Pefkari. The journey is about 30 minutes and the bus ticket costs 2.80 per person.

    All of this writing makes it seem daunting but I promise you the journey is very easy! :)

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