staying at skala rachoni

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staying at skala rachoni

cooperkidscooperkids Member (+) Posts: 75
Have been watching the webcam for a few weeks. We are travelling to skala rachoni on 7th june. First time to thassos but all reviews positive and we can't wait. Just one question - the little island that appears on the webcam is that a house on top ?


  • juliebjulieb RotherhamMember (+) Posts: 26

    The little island is called Krambousa and the building is actually a church. St Daniel's I think. I am sure you will love Thassos. It is a lovely island. We go again on 24th May for our 13th visit! We were people who never went anywhere twice until we got the Thassos bug. Hope you have a great holiday.
  • cooperkidscooperkids Member (+) Posts: 75
    Thankyou julie. We tend to try different destinations so it will be interesting to see if we fall under the spell. By the way we're also from rotherham !
  • juliebjulieb RotherhamMember (+) Posts: 26
    Small world cooperkids!!
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 351
    Closer pic I took of it last year cooperkids

  • cooperkidscooperkids Member (+) Posts: 75
    Thankyou delboy. We can't wait now. Hope its as lovely as it looks we are staying at zafira studios xx

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