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surfing in thassos

july94july94 Member (+) Posts: 1
Hello and thanks in advance,
hoping to arrive at thassos beginning of august. is it a good time/season to do it, and if the answer is positive where is the best beach for beginners ?

have a wonderful week


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    GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    edited March 2015
    Hi july94,

    The beginning of August is a great time for water ports.

    Surfing is possible on some days but the waves around Thassos typically do not get very big. Considering that you're a beginner, this may be ideal for you!

    The beaches that have the best waves for surfing can change from day to day. That normally depends on the strength and direction of the wind. The higher the winds, the higher the waves.

    Check wind speed and direction here.

    Tip: When Etesian (Meltemi) Winds are blowing, we get bigger waves!

    Hope this information is helpful. :)


    PS. Come back and tell us about your experiences in August. We'd love to hear all about them and other surfers will appreciate to know what you discover in Thassos!
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