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blossomhillbilly76blossomhillbilly76 Member (+) Posts: 1

We're visiting Thassos and staying at limenaria May this year and have booked a self catering apartment with basic catering facilities. Although I don't like to cook on holiday I like to have the option to save a few pennies. Just wondering if it's cheaper to buy food for english breakfast i.e. bacon/bread/cereals or is it best to eat out? Also, what are fruit, veg and meat priced like locally? I'm hoping the cost to eat out sways me from cooking though as love the sound of the Thassos cuisine. Is there plenty of local supermarkets or food shops? Is milk readily available and would it be cows or goats milk as we're taking our two year old who loves her milk.. What's the climate like in May "generally"? As you can see from the questions I am rather excited! Any information really appreciated.


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    GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
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    Hey there!

    May is a beautiful time to visit Thassos since Spring is in full swing and the weather is pleasant and very warm. The evenings can still get chilly so bring along a light jacket just in case. May is also the time when the summer shops begin to open for the season. Depending on what time of the month you're here, you may find that not all of them have yet opened. No worries though, you will still find plenty of options available, especially supermarkets and tavernas.

    Buying food at the supermarket is always the least expensive option where ever you go. However, I think tavernas, restaurants and snack bars are very reasonably priced and the quality and taste will be hard to beat from your apartment's kitchen. :)

    Just take a peak at some of the local supermarkets on the day you arrive to see their offerings and then take a stroll into town and see what the tavernas offer. Many of the tavernas have a menu outside for passerbys so it should be fairly easy and quick for you to compare the price difference between buying at the grocery store and eating out. Eating fresh, delicious, locally-prepared food is an authentic part of the Thassos experience so I highly recommend you treat yourself every chance you get!

    Fresh cow's milk is readily available in almost every market while goat's milk can be found in some places.

    I hope this information is helpful. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask away!

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