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terryterry Member (+) Posts: 14
Hi my first discussion, I have been a avid visitor to thassos 12/13 th year none stop
What I would like to know is what tour operators find such a problem Thomas Cook a few years ago now cosmos/monarch. Whitch leaves Thompson (3 flights)on sundays approx, with flights only that cost an arm and a leg
But if you love Thassos as we do forget Kavala , Try easyjet toThessaloiki a short trip up the coast and your there
To all lovers of Tassos we shall not be stopped

P.s. I'm glad I have got that off my chest see you all on


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    SueandMacSueandMac Member (+) Posts: 99
    We've been intending to say this for some time, so well said Terry.
    Also, by travelling independently and hiring a car from a local company ie Potos, the money you spend goes to the local economy a not a large global company. If you book your hotel of apartment directly they will receive a fair rate for their services and at the moment Greece and Thassos need all the help that they can get!
    Roll on the end of April when we shall be sitting on Serendipitiy's balcony watching the fishing boats and ferries moving about in the bay of Thassos Town.
    Sue and Mac
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