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Thessaloniki to Thassos without car

tonymtonym Member (+) Posts: 0
Booking for next July (2 people). Flight arrives at 11.30am & return flight leaves at 12.05pm Could someone advise the best way to get to and from Limenas, do not want to hire a car as will get a bike on the island. What would a taxi cost to Keramoti?
Thanks in advance.


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    tilly67tilly67 Member (+) Posts: 14
    Once out of arrivals get into the No 78 bus to bus station in Thessaloniki (or taxi which costs about 20 Euros) if you get a taxi you will make the 1 pm express bus to Kavala (15 Euros each) just go to the ticket office , stand no 6 to get your ticket and then bus stop 6. If you don't manage to get the 1 pm express they leave every hour anyway.
    Express takes 2 hours. Once in Kavala make your way down to the port (10 minute walk) and jump on next ferry to Prinos (island bus stops by harbour in Prinos so you can go wherever you like on the island, or there is a taxi rank)
    I had to take a taxi recently from Kavala to Thessaloniki and was charged 130 Euros ( would be more to keramoti)
    On the way back you'll need to leave island a day early and reverse the journey but stay in hotel in Thessaloniki the night before. Can recommend Ambassador or Royal.
    Hope this helps. Have done the journey loads if times. Very easy.

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    Vladimir  VladimirovVladimir Vladimirov Member (+) Posts: 0
    First from the airport "Macedonia" bus 78 to get on the bus station KTEL. Then take a bus to the city of Kavala. Then the ferry to Skala Prinou. Ferries from Kavala are not very common: in 16:00 then in 20:00. In 1.5 hours. With love to Tassos, Vlad.
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    grandma56grandma56 Member (+) Posts: 48
    Can recommend the Royal hotel. We stayed at the beginning and end of our visit to Thassos this year. They will arrange transport to airport for €10 - a taxi will cost you €20.
    - Enjoy your trip
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