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driving from UK to Thassos


has anybody driven to Thassos from the UK?

if so could you please share your experience with me?

best route, time taken stops on way etc etc.

look forward to your replies



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    AnnAnn Member (+) Posts: 7
    Currently in Thassos having driven from Thessaloniki last week. We hired a Gp C car from Potos car hire - they met us on arrival and showed us to where the car was parked. It had virtually no petrol so contrary to the route we had planned, they told us to go a different way via a petrol station. The hardest part was getting out of the car park as we couldn't see the exit sign and constantly met Greeks driving the wrong way for the arrows!

    Our route was out of the airport, follow the road until the traffic lights then turn left, and look for a BP garage. This road was a two lane road that seemed to be going into Thess, and we did wonder if we were right as it was several kilometres till we got to the garage, but it was straight road, just a few sets of traffic lights.

    Immediately after the BP garage was a well signed right turn onto the ring road, and you then just followed the signs for Kavala- so keep on the ring road until you see the sign for Kavala-Serres exit, keep right as there is a fork just after the exit and then it's E90 motorway nearly all the way. Much less busy than an English motorway!

    There were two toll points of 2.40 euros each. It was about 100 kilometres before we saw a sign for services, i think at the Moustheni exit. We stopped here for toilets and lunch - there were ready made filled rolls or hotdogs etc, think for 4 of us with drinks it cost about 16 euros. There was also a minimarket there.
    Back to motorway, we continued past Kavala and took the exit signed Thassos/Keramoti and airport. Follow the signs, but it's basically rightat the junction then first left, and that road then takes you all the way to Keramoti and the ferry.

    There are at least 4 ferries, so we only had a 10 minute wait. 16 euros per car and 3 euros per person. You drive on and off forwards. The only thing is that if you are directed to the lower level (a door lifted up like a something from Thunderbirds) only the driver goes there and the passengers have to get out first. At the other end, I was a bit worried about getting lost in the narrow streets of Limenas, but we just turned right and followed signs for Limenaria, and about two more rights and we were on the main road round the island.

    Very easy, it has taken 8 years to pluck up the courage to do this, but well worth it to be back on Thassos. Once we knew we were on the right road, it was an easy and pleasant drive, I think just over 200km in total. Would definitely do again.
    Because we have a morning flight back, we are driving back the day before and staying at a hotel near Thess airport - The Ambassador, looks good. Might even divert to see Phillippi or the Alistrati caves on the way.
    Thoroughly recommend fly/ drive and loving being back in Potos - staying at Maria's.
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    AnnAnn Member (+) Posts: 7
    Sorry, just realised you meant drive the whole way, and I was so pleased nor to make too many errors typing on my phone!
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    tilly67tilly67 Member (+) Posts: 14
    Hi Pete, we did it this year with dog!
    Ferry from Dover to Calais
    Overnight Calais.
    Calais to Cologne
    Overnight Cologne
    Cologne to Ingolstadt
    Overnight Ingolstadt
    Ingolstadt to Paternion ( Austria)
    Overnight Paternion
    Paternion to Trieste and ferry to Igoumenitsa
    Then easy drive to Keramoti for ferry

    If you want to PM me we did a breakdown of the hours and distance travelled each day and cost of diesel/hotels/ferry.

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