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mcaytonmcayton Member (+) Posts: 1
Can I find a windsurf rental on Golden Beach? If not, are there other places where boards are available?


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    DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    Hi mcayton

    if you follow this walk along the beach passed the golden beach restos and just by the campsite you will see a picture of stuff to hire, I can't work out whether they are surfboards or windsurf things but i can't recall any one windsurfing at all
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    GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Hi mcayton,

    Golden Beach offers a variety of rentals for watersports, as Delboy pointed out (and also you can see on the Live Webcam), but windsurf rentals are not among the many other options offered.

    Thassos typically does not have strong winds during the summer. Normally it's quite calm and occasionally we do have windy days but it's not very often. Maybe that's why? :)

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