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Skala prinou to potos

trixietrixie Member (+) Posts: 1
Will be arriving middle of July staying in skala prinou.
How far is skala prinou from potos?
How long would the bus journey be from skala prinou to potos be ?
Where would the best place to get the bus from?
Would we be better getting a taxi if so how much
Any info much appreciated


  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Hi Trixie,

    Skala Prinos is about 25 Km from Potos and the bus journey is around 35 minutes. There is a bus stop at the ferry port in Skala Prinos. You can see the bus time table and prices by clicking the bus icon on the top-left corner of the page.

    Taking a taxi is faster and more convenient but the cost is significantly higher than a bus ticket, so which one is better depends on your preference and of course budget.

    You can call the taxi service when you are on the island and ask for a taxi to come and pick you up from your hotel or any location. More info and contact details here:
  • trixietrixie Member (+) Posts: 1
    Thank you
    Much appreciated
  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    You're welcome! Hope you have a great time!
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