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Mountain footpath/walkway

Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
A few months ago I saw a photo of a wooden path/walkway up to the mountains,I don't know whereabouts this is, possibly above Panagia or Potomia.
Any help would be appreciated in locating this path as we would like to go up it when we visit next week,
Many thanks


  • Pops53Pops53 Member (+) Posts: 2
    I think this could be the photo you saw. I got this from the Go Thassos FB page. It states that this path is above Panagia, hope you find it and enjoy your stay.
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
    That's the one,thanks Pops53
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    Hi Adrian

    Did you find the pathway up and did you attempt the climb ?
    Interested in doing it next year if fit enough, I noticed when the bus went into Potamia there was a brown sign saying 'mountain walk' but also heard someone say the walk was done by a guy in our hotel last year from Panagria
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
    Hi Delboy, we didn't manage that walk but did go on a different one with some fantastic views over Panagia on one side and Golden Beach and Skala Potomia the other side.
    We were actually trying to find the walkway but turned off the road to soon,we walked up through the play park and kept walking,when we should have passed the play area and then joined the walkway.
    It was still a pleasant walk that was quite easy on the legs.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    Hi Adrian, thanks for the reply
    So to get my bearings, if i'm at the top at Panagia from golden beach road, the road across points right to Thassos town and left to Potamia, would I turn left to Potamia and follow the road, would that lead me to the play area or is that somewhere at the back of Panagia ?
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
    Hi Delboy,
    Turn left towards Potomia and in the centre of Panagia head into the village towards the church,keep going past the church keeping it on your left,go up past the ouzo factory on your right and keep on the Tarmac road, if you keep following this road you will eventually come to the play area on the right.
    Or when you get to the top of the golden beach road, turn left and on your right you will see the Blue eyed cat gallery,go in there ands ell. Ian or Sue that I sent you and they will give you directions, while you are there take a look at his fantastic paintings of Thassos.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    Hi Adrian, thanks for the directions, I was almost upon the play area then when I met those dogs in the next road that lived in large beehives lol. I believe I did pop into the art shop whilst in Panagia but didn't know the gallery name (unless there are two galleries).
    So will now do loads of training walks for next year, in the hope of doing it
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