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ATMs in Thassos Town

walshy66walshy66 Member (+) Posts: 6
Hi, are there many reliable ATM machines in Thassos Town? Can I expect to encounter any problems using a pre-paid currency card in shops & restaurants?


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    GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    There are 4 reliable ATMs in Thassos Town:

    National Bank of Greece (next to the ferry port)
    Piraeus Bank (Next to the marina)
    Alpha Bank (Across the street from Piraeus)
    Eurobank (next to Vodafone, near the archaeological museum)

    You'll find that a limited number of shops accept credit/prepaid cards. Most restaurants accept them but not all of them. All you should do is ask when you arrive to a shop or restaurant, just to be sure!
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    GwynGwyn Member (+) Posts: 3
    Are there any ATMs in Skala Rochinous?
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