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Sea sickness?

shirlthegirlshirlthegirl Member (+) Posts: 24
Hi all, we're coming to Thassos in August and although I'm hearing that the ferry crossing is hassle free, I'm starting to worry about being sea sick. How smooth is the crossing and has anybody had a bad summer crossing that left them a bit sea sick?

We once went on a boat trip to 'smuggler's cove' on Zakynthos and quite a few of us were sea sick due to the choppy waters.



  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
    You will have no problems with sea sickness, I have seen rougher water in a swimming pool than on the ferry crossing,lol
  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    lol @‌ Adrian

    It depends on the condition of the sea's waves of course, but typically the sea between Thassos and the mainland is calm during the summer time, allowing for a smooth and very enjoyable journey.

    As a matter of fact, often times the ferry ride is one of the highlights of people's trip to Thassos... so you may be worried about a part of the trip that you'll really enjoy!

    Just be sure to have some crackers in hand, the seagulls love getting hand-fed and you can make many seagull friends along the way (and take nice pictures to share with friends and family)!
  • shirlthegirlshirlthegirl Member (+) Posts: 24
    Thanks for the reassurances about the crossing. I think I'll pass on feeding the seagulls thanks. We see too many of the scavengers back home lol

    Will relax with a drink in the sunshine and hope the seagulls don't come too close to me lol
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