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Looking for the perfect village in Thassos!

lowilowi Member (+) Posts: 0
My husband to be and I are thinking of spending a week in Greek in July. Last year we spent 11 days in Crete and it was wonderful, but this year we can only have one week holidays, so we think a smaller island would be the best choice and Thassos looks amazing! We're looking for accommodation: we love small and quiet villages, no mass tourism, secluted beaches (for naturist when possible). I've fallen in love with Panagia and Aliky: which one do you guys suggest to? It is the east coast the right choice? Would you recommand to hire a car or a scooter could be allright? Many questions, sorry!!! Thanks in advance. Lowi


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    GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Hi lowi,

    It's great to hear that you are considering Thassos for your holidays and I am pleased to tell you that you'll find everything you're looking for on both sides of the island.

    Small & Quiet Villages - check!
    No Mass Tourism - check!
    Secluded Beaches - way too many to visit in a single holiday!

    The East coast is home to Paradise Beach, located between the villages Kinira and Aliki. I mention this beach because it's a favorite amongst naturists. Well, the northern-end of the beach is, at least.

    Which ever village you choose to stay in, rest assured transportation will be a piece of cake. The island's ring road is fully asphalted and can get you from one place to another with ease. Whether you rent a car or a scooter depends on your preference and budget - both will suffice and will get you from A to B.

    Hopefully an experienced Thassos fan or 2 will offer you some advice so be sure to check here again. :)
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