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walshy66walshy66 Member (+) Posts: 6
Hi, what's the average price of sunbed & parasol hire on Thassos beaches? Staying in August so will be in desperate need of shade!


  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Hi Walshy,

    You'll find that many, if not most places offer free use of their sunbeds and umbrellas with a purchase of a drink of your choice... something you'll need on a very hot August day, surely!

    Other places may charge a flat rental fee. The price for 2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella is typically 5-7 Euros. Some may include a drink of your choice in the rental fee, while others charge extra for drinks.
  • juliebjulieb Member (+) Posts: 26
    It's usually around 6 euro for 2 beds and an umbrella but you will find many of the tavernas give free use as long as you buy a drink or food from them.
  • walshy66walshy66 Member (+) Posts: 6
    Thank you for the replies! That's a lot less than I expected, had to pay 18 euros in Menorca last summer.....
  • SueandMacSueandMac Member (+) Posts: 96
    Thassos town beach has free sun beds in front of all the tavernas.
  • walshy66walshy66 Member (+) Posts: 6
    Thanks SueandMac :-)
  • anteaantea Member (+) Posts: 0
    hello :) can you, please, give me a hint for those beaches - nearby Limenas, with flat rental fee (except Makryammos)? We prefer to pay for sunbeds and parasol instead of ordering drinks.

    Thank you :)
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