waterfall in mountains

waterfall in mountains

Dan FloroianDan Floroian Posts: 2Member (+)
I will be this summer on this beautiful island. I heard that there is an amazing waterfall in mountains. Is possible to reach there with a normal car and trekking?
Thank you

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    Hi Dan,

    There are several small waterfalls around Thassos but the most popular and well-known waterfall is located near the mountain village of Kastro.

    Currently the road to Kastro is being paved with asphalt but it's uncertain when this project will be complete. More than likely not this summer.

    For now, the best and safest way to reach the waterfall is to rent a 4x4 Jeep and to drive to Kastro. From Kastro you'll take another dirt road that goes through a beautiful and pristine forest. About 15 minutes later you'll arrive at the waterfall. It's most impressive to see during the spring as it tends to dry up during the summer.

    If you like hiking or bicycling, these are also good ways to get there but obviously the energy and time that will be needed are much more. Either way, it's a pleasurable experience and you'll be happy that you made the effort!
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    Hi Dan,

    The shortest and most direct routes to Kastro are from the south.

    You can start from Limenaria and drive to Kastro quite easily. Going this route, you will approach Kastro from the west. Then you'll have to take the dirt track on the east side of Kastro to get to the waterfall, which is a 3-4 kilometer journey.

    It's also quite easy to get to Kastro from Theologos. The road between Potos to Theologos is all asphalt, and from Theologos the dirt track will require a 4x4 the whole way to Kastro. Going this route, you will pass the waterfall before you get to Kastro, since you will approach from the east.

    You can get to Kastro from the north as well, but if it's your first time in the mountains of Thassos, we suggest the easier and more straight-forward routes from the south.

    Not sure how many kilometers until the road becomes impractical for normal cars... but just to be on the safe side, we recommend taking a 4x4 the whole way. This way you can fully enjoy the drive, and not worry so much about the bumps, or your car. :)


  • Dan FloroianDan Floroian Posts: 2Member (+)

    Thank you very much for the answer (and I'm sorry for this late replay). I understood that is possible to go with 4x4 to Kastro. Could you tell me how many kilometers before Kastro the road become impracticable for normal cars? And also which is the best road? From Potos or from North? And from Kastro to waterfall how many kilometers are (I think that 15 minutes on off road is about 4-5 km)?
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