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boats for hire

MyMojoMyMojo Member (+) Posts: 2
can anyone give a few options - would like to rent a boat for a few days...
thank you!
see you there...

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  • MyMojoMyMojo Member (+) Posts: 2
    Thank you Gregory - I am to assume it's arbitrary and I must be there - no one has a per hour or per day chart... got it!
  • Katerina DoukaKaterina Douka Member (+) Posts: 1
    Hi MyMojo,

    If you have a license for operating a boat which is valid in Greece you shouldn't have a problem renting and operating a boat by yourself. Be sure that the boat registration documents are with you on the boat.

    Otherwise the owner of the boat must accompany you so that you don't have any legal problems with the coast guard. They do many checks during summer time for safety reasons and you want to make sure you have all of the proper legal documentation with you!
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