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Winter places to eat !

gineliaginelia Member (+) Posts: 1
Hello we are new to kinira at wintertime 2013 right now ! Could anybody suggest some places to grab an evening meal maybe :-)

Kind regards everyone


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    GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    edited December 2013
    Hi Ginelia,

    I don't know of any restaurants that are open in Kinira during the winter, since it is one of the smaller villages on Thassos with very few residents, but you can find a place for a lovely meal in the larger villages near Kinira, like Skala Potamia, Potamia, Panagia and Limenas.

    Skala Potamia is Kinira's closest neighbor and there you'll find the taverna "Krambousa" next to the sea. More year-round restaurants may be open there as well.

    I highly recommend visiting the mountain villages of Kazaviti for a traditional home-cooked meal and a taste of local wine. From Kinira it will take a 45 minute scenic drive to get there, but you will be so happy that you went! There are 2 neighboring mountain villages: Mikro Kazaviti and Megalo Kazaviti. Both have dining options for you and this is the best time of the year to go... fresh wine from the last grape harvest is now being served. (if you go, let us know how everything was... especially the wine!)

    Please write about and share your experience with future travelers!
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