what ferry port do Thomsons use?

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what ferry port do Thomsons use?

Hi, we've booked a package holiday through Thomsons and was wondering if anybody here knows what ferry port Thomsons use. We're flying in to kavala so I'm assuming we'll do the 15 mins journey to kavala ferry port although I read in another thread here that there are 2 ferry ports. Can anybody confirm the one Thomson's use and also where in Thassos will we dock, how long will the ferry crossing take and again how long from the Thassos port to Limenaria please?

your help is much appreciated.
Thank you


  • helensmumhelensmum Member (+) Posts: 29
    Thomson use the ferry out of Keramoti, (nearest port to the airport) as you correctly assume. 15 mins in the 'bus and 12 mins by taxi from the airport. Keramoti is a small fishing part and has a wealth of cafes, bars and snack bars and shops if you have time to spare before the ferry leaves. (The ferries also have a cafe bar on board).Then a very enjoyable 40 minute crossing on the ferry to Thassos and then onward to your accommodation. The other ferry port is actually in the town of Kavala, about a 40 minute drive away and ferries from here dock at Prinos, further down the west coast of Thassos island. Hope that helps and that you have a great holiday (For more info, look at the "travelling to Thassos" link.)
  • shirlthegirlshirlthegirl Member (+) Posts: 24
    Thanks helen. One more question please. How long a coach transfer is it to Limenaria from the ferry port? Thank you for your help.
  • Nannie FrenchNannie French Member (+) Posts: 45
    It's about 35 mins on the coach from leaving Limenas ferry port to Limenaria,( a lovely picturesque drive along the coast for the most part, on a good road, but then it depends where you are on the schedule for getting dropped off for/picked up from your holiday accommodation and how many other stops there are as to exactly when you arrive at your hotel.
  • shirlthegirlshirlthegirl Member (+) Posts: 24
    Thanks for the info nannie french. Can't read enough about Thassos at the moment lol. really looking forward to next summer.
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