Someone knows a place for a personal retreat ?

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Someone knows a place for a personal retreat ?

Hello everyone,

My name is Nicolas, from France. I am going to Thassos next week for 3 weeks, and I would like to find a place in nature where I could stay , to relax and be alone...does anyone know a place that I could rent for a decent price ?

Thank you very much , I am looking forwards to discovering the beautiful island !



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    GregoryGregory Member (+) Posts: 39
    In such a case you are looking for something in a traditional village like Kazaviti or Panagia or Potamia.
    Good luck with your research.
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    helensmumhelensmum Member (+) Posts: 29
    Dear Nicolas
    I agree with Mr Gregory. Any of the mountain villages will give you access right into nature on your doorstep. In Panagia some of the houses at the back of town are actually built into the mountain and you go out of the back door onto a goat trail and can walk for hours meeting only animals and an occasional walker. There are 2 walking guides which you can buy from the shops on Thassos and I would suggest you get a good map showing the footpaths and trails and points of beauty. In terms of where to stay, difficult to advise as Thassos does not have any system of "Alberges", so best to book somewhere for a couple of days, go around to see what you like and book then, There should be good availability in September of quiet places.

    Good luck - September is a super month on Thassos
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    Philipp BeschPhilipp Besch Member (+) Posts: 4
    Did you find what you were looking for? Shame a found your message only now, cause i could have helped to arrange a wonderful accomodation in potamia...
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